CCS2021 Satellite Symposium
Data-based Diagnosis of Networked Dynamical Systems

Marc Timme

Technische Universität Dresden

Network structure from observed dynamics
12:05pm, Room St Clair 3B

The dynamics of networks enables the function of a variety of systems we rely on every day, from gene regulation in the cell to the distribution of electric power. Understanding, predicting or controlling network function relies on suitable models, yet it remains unclear how to extract key features of networks if only time series data from (some) units are available. Here we report on recent progress on model-free inference of network structural features from observed dynamics. First, we demonstrate how to identify the number N of dynamical variables making up a network - arguably its most fundamental property - from recorded time series of only a small subset of n<N variables. We elucidate why N may be deducible even if time series from only one variable are available. Second, we present approaches to identify network topological features from observed nodal time series data only.

This is work with Jose Casadiego, Mor Nitzan, Hauke Haehne, Georg Boerner and others.

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