CCS2021 Satellite Symposium
Data-based Diagnosis of Networked Dynamical Systems

Leonardo Rydin Gorjão

Oslo Metropolitan University

Spatio-temporal complexity of power-grid frequency recordings in the Nordic grid
11:40am, Room St Clair 3B

In this presentation we examine various synchronous power-grid frequency recordings from within the Nordic grid from 2012. We will focus on the statistical properties at very short time scales of < 2 seconds. At these scales, small fluctuations around the nominal frequency are present and can exhibit highly complex spatio-temporal behaviour. We apply superstatistical data analysis techniques to measured frequency fluctuations in the Nordic grid. We study the increment statistics and extract the relevant time scales and superstatistical distribution functions from the data. In this, we show that different synchronous recordings of power-grid frequency have very distinct stochastic fluctuations with different types of superstatistics at different spatial locations, and all transition from one superstatistics to another when the time lag of the increment statistics is changed. This points towards complex microscopic phenomena in power-grid frequency, which cannot be captured by classical monofractal Gaussian statistics nor stationary processes and could help us understand which stochastic phenomena is purely local and which can affect power-grid frequency over long distances.

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